The 9th 'Stand up, dear city' workroom was all about P L A Y and how we attempt this within a city environment. Throughout the walk we examined play to find out exactly what it was? We asked, Is it something you can do well? Do children do it better than adults? Is the city itself playful?

We started with the deifinition that ‘play’ is to do something of value for the sake of nothing else but itself - for many the antithesis of work. We began with a simple instruction game which as the walk went on evolved depending on how playful the group were feeling. We played games with and without masks in an attempt to increase our playful nature. We knew however, that as we pushed harder, attempting to muddle together a workable definition, we suceeded only in removing the very part which separates play from other recreational activities: sponteniety.  This walk was as much for those who shift uneasily at the thought of blatant frivolity as for those who welcome it with open arms...

Quotes to include on page:

‘ is not the marbles that matter but the game’ (translation of dutch saying)

A man awakes one morning and decides he is in need of a change. He goes to B&Q and buys white paint. When he gets home he opens a tin and begins painting the kitchen. After he has finished the walls he moves onto the kitchen surfaces, then the cupboards and finally the utensils. He paints for 8 days solid. He stops when everything in the house is white. He awakes the next morning and decides he is in need of a change....

A college student collects ballpoint pens. She has several thousand. Whenever she sees one lying on the ground or forgotten on a school desk, she picks it up for her collection. Each day, around 5 o'clock, she telephones her answering machine and leaves a detailed message describing the ballpoint pen she's found. Then when she returns home, she sits down and listens to her message as she examines the pens one by one.

A man owns a used car dealership. Every morning when he arrives at work, he goes around the lot kicking the car tyres. Exercise, he says.