(example of one of the narratives used in Have a Seat)

Two ducks seem to be acting strangely, you can’t tell whether they are fucking or fighting. Having just read about Roy and Silo - two male chinstrap penguins from Central Park Zoo, New York, which paired and successfully reared two eggs last year - you question the normative displays of homosexuality amongst animals. You begin to make a list of those you think most likely to display affectionate glances between the same sex.

Have a Seat took the form of a one-on-one performance where narrative and object led the audience member on a journey through a landscape of converging opposites.

The work left the confines of the Town Clerk Office in the BAC, London, and escaped into a hinterland through the introduction of match sticks and coffee cups. Angry mallards and underground rivers took centre stage as a meandering narrative hoped to pull the participant in and out of thought; the only static assurance was that of the participant’s body.