In the Broadmead shopping area, Bristol, we began the first Tactic S E D U C E D b y A N O T H E R – (from instructions) One leads while Two follows yet importantly, One is not aware of Two’s doing so*. The game is simple: where One goes Two follows. Everybody found their One in amongst the crowds and began to follow. By the end of the first tactic, photos and notes about each's point of fancy had been collected . D O P P E L G A N G E R (tactic#2) came next, it looked toward Blue – from Paul Auster's Ghosts – for PI know how. It required the group again to fall out of formation and search the escalating wonder that is Cabot Circus shopping precinct for a stranger who held some similarities, be it aesthetically or gesticulatively – some of the results were uncanny! The third tactic F I N D I N G O N E returned to One - the people who were the focus of attention from the first tactic - yet instead of following One we now followed One's traces. We were now in the game of second guessing the movements of our closely studied other; alleys, wedding processions,  food halls and back street coffee shops were all checked for our then distant point of interest. We, in the end, left our respective Ones to continue on and ended in a local pub to discuss findings.