''Stand up, dear city' is a monthly walking workroom for the curious, the bored and the restless. Each month a different theme will guide a group on a walk through the city of Bristol. For main page (FB), please see link at bottom of page.

t h e A U D I B L E workroom, Tactic#5 - T H E M I G H T Y N O I S E O R C H E S T R A
In celebration of the city and its rich noise-ical composition, we turned our attention to the formation of a noise orchestra. Each member of the group created an instrument out of the city itself - foot scrapes, spoon drops, twig breaks, shouts, can kicks, leaf rustles - and rehearsed their noise throughout the walk. The final outcome is a collective orchestral work in which the instruments were repeated continuously for 1 minute. Enjoy

t h e A U D I B L E workroom, Tactic#1 - City mapped through its sounds. The short recordings were chosen by the participants of the 'Stand up, dear city' workroom (13/04). The recordings are presented in the order they were taken (top to bottom) and the sound words which accompany each recording are the attempt to transcribe into words the noise or part of the recording deemed to be most striking.   

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